On Our Way

On Friday evening, June 20, 2008, we received the happy news that we were being discharged. It took forever to get things moving and finalize the paperwork but we walked out of the doors at around 5:30pm. Thrown from the safety of the hospital into the harsh reality of Baltimore rush hour traffic we were thrilled to be on our way. Corrigan slept the entire way home and had a great first night tucked into his new swing in the livingroom with mom.


It's always nerve-wracking to come home with a new baby but to come home armed with an "Emergency Plan" for your newborn is terrifying. However, we are extremely grateful that we live in a time that such care is even available for this disorder. There are ways to stabilize him should he become ill and there is treatment, by life flight, within 90 minutes should he become very sick and need more care than our rural hospital can handle. We just have to pray that when the time comes ( and it is when not if..I repeat this to myself often and I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing..to always be thinking of when the worse will happen) that God wouldnt have brought us this far to have Corrigan fall ill during a vicious winter storm. "Surely to God" is a phrase spoken often in these parts and I find myself thinking it when I imagine what this winter might bring… "Surely to God He wouldnt be so cruel" but then I am reminded that His timing is perfect and his plans in no way have to mesh with my own. That's why each day is truly a blessing. We are never guaranteed another breath…each one is a priveledge. Now, I am off to watch my baby breathe.


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