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 The original plan was that, by four weeks, my perfectly visioned newborn would be blind from the flash from my camera and I would have scads of naked baby photos littering my house. Our slight medical hiccup postponed the inevitable until now.


Corrigan was most cooperative in our first photoshoot…helpfully peeing all over my brand new faux-fur blanket and soaking through to the couch.


There are so many precious parts on any baby but the hands and feet turn me into a puddle any day of the week.


Couldnt you just eat those toes?


It's like he knows something. A sly little secret that he will whisper to me during an over-the-shoulder burp session one day very soon.


Fat rolls! Made for nibbling.


What do you dream about?



It was a good afternoon…after a very LONG night. I forgot how devastating a toll a new baby was on your brain function. The lack of sleep combined with complete delirium from sniffing the yummy top of his head has rendered me incapable of basic function. Big C asked, "How do you spell BOREDOM, mom?" and I had to stop and think about it.  The silent "e"…was it there? Was it not?  How bad will I look if I get this one wrong?  B-O-R-………E?….dom! (ran to google it…does anyone own a hardcopy dictionary anymore?)

I managed to get a shower and change out of yesterday's clothes around 5pm when Petra slipped over to hug on the baby. Did I say "shower?" Well, I meant to shower but I was in too big a hurry to rush back out to sniff the top of his head some more so I wiped down, at the sink, with a wet cloth and copiously applied lotion in the hopes that I smelled better than Corrigan's bottom.

A woman's gotta have her priorities you know!

The rest of the photos can beviewed here:

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