Corrigan's appoinments have been pretty uneventful.  He is gaining weight at a good pace and seems to be on-point for all of his developmental milestones. There are still weekly adjustments to his medicines and formula due to the rapid increase in growth but that is to be expected. 

The trip has become a bit easier since we have been making the journey in two parts.  The night before our appointment we go down to my Dad's house outside of Baltimore and then drive in about 30 minutes to John's Hopkins the following morning.  Once we are inside it normally takes less than an hour for bloodwork to be drawn, weigh and measure the baby and discuss any changes with the doctors.  Lots and lots of driving for a short appointment but it is what we have to do while he is still growing, and changing, so rapidly.


   Corrigan is getting much better about traveling long distances in his carseat.  Our hope is that sometime within the next month we will be able to make the trip down and back in one day again because its a lot of work to pack up for two days. I was trying to figure out the logistics of how we would be able to make these trips once school starts for Connor.  How can I go down the night before and still get Connor to school? Friends have offered to keep him overnight the nights we leave and drive Connor to school but that's a lot to ask of people week after week and it disrupts Connor's life.   If Corrigan can begin to handle the longer amounts of time we can put Connor on the bus and then head out and be home shortly after he gets off of the bus. 

After Corrigan's appointments he almost always sleep for hours simply because he is exhausted from screaming so madly during the blood draw. He works himself up into such a lather that once he calms down, takes a bottle and gets a snuggle he passes out in his carseat and is quiet for hours. This is why Mark and I bolt from Baltimore like our tails are on fire because we have learned to take advantage of the quiet baby in the carseat. Often we make it to Hagerstown before Corrigan will stir but sometimes he only makes it to Frederick. He is pretty good about taking another bottle there and then slumbering lightly until we get home.


 As the weeks have been going by I have become better about taking the baby out in public. While part of me really just wants to move into a cabin in the woods and never leave..I know that I need to expose him to people and the germs that are in the air.  Everytime we head out to run errands we run into someone else that we havent seen since the baby has been born…and almost everytime I see the confused expressions when they see this perfect-looking and happy little baby.  How can you look at the above faces and suspect that anything was wrong with him?  So many people have donated so much money and sent up so many prayers for the baby that they hadnt seen but had heard how terribly sick he was.  Once they meet him, face to face, I feel almost guilty that he looks the way he does.  People expect him to look like a "sick" baby and its hard to explain that Cor's issues are internal…a tiny little glitch that causes big problems.   I've even had someone once say, almost disappointedly, "Oh, so its just something like diabetes" as if having diabetes was like having a hangnail…no big deal, right?

yeah, diabetes times ten.


Corrigan is doing really well though and we enjoy watching him grow every single day.  This past week he has been successful in putting himself to sleep a handful of times and now awakens with a calm demeanor rather than screaming bloody murder like newborns do.  His sleep patterns are very day and night appropriate but he is still waking up for that 2 or 3am feeding and nothing Ive tried, so far, has helped to break that habit.  The doctor told us that 11lbs was the "magic" number for not needing the middle of the night bottle..and he is at 12lbs 4.4 ounces and still chugging out like a frat boy at 3am.

Of course, we are the most smitten with his smiles and his new little voice that he seems to be finding more and more everyday.  He loves to study our faces and work his little mouth into sounds.  Its hard to be in a bad mood when I have this little fat man willing to drool and grin at us for several hours a day!


I do not have a stats counter on this site but I do know that friends of friends of friends are reading this blog and while I do not know who you are (yet) I am appreciative that you take the time to stop and read about us. I'm told that many are still praying for Corrigan on a daily basis and we are so appreciative of each and every prayer sent up on his behalf. Thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave comments/advice any time at all! 

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