In my previous post ( below ) I spoke of M.  It turns out that we have soooo much more in common than just the disorder that our sons share. We also both love photography but have found that the business (and busyness) of being a mom had forced our creativity to take a backseat to things like drooling babies and back-to-school preparations.  We decided to embark on a weekly photo-assignment that will, hopefully, force us to get out and take some photos. This week we kept it simple. We chose the theme "green" and decided to produce 3 final photos that fit the theme. 

You would think that with it being August I might not have a hard time finding green things to shoot but I must live in an area depleted of all chlorophyled life because everything seems more brown than…well….alive. This was more of a challenge than I anticipated but here are my three for this week

Photo 1

Photo 2


Photo 3


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