8 september 2008

 How did two weeks fly by so quickly? It is time again, tomorrow, to head back down to John's Hopkins for a check-up. I am a little worried because I know that Corrigan is in a growth spurt again…he is eating all of his allotted 32 ounces of regular formula by 2pm every day ( I mix his meds/formula at 6:30 pm each day ) so he is taking 6-9 ounces of his "special" formula to hold him over.  Hard to believe that two weeks ago ( the day after our last visit ) I emailed his doctor because I was concerned that he was leaving 2-4 ounces of regular formula each day by 6:30 pm and did not know if I should just let him finish it or pour it out and start a new batch.  Fast forward to 8 days later and suddenly he is ravenous. This worries me because his last growth spurt coincided with our last hospitalization.  I am ready though…well, as ready as I can be. I may not be mentally ready to stay at Hopkins for three to five days but I have our bags packed and have thought ( and re-thought and made lists and re-thought some more…) of as many things that we will need to make things more comfortable during the next inevitable hospitalization.

The new(ish) car that we are now driving is whisper-quiet which is great for the grown-ups but not for the baby that has become quite fond of the rumble of the Durango under his hiney during every trip. Suddenly, he has forgotten how to sleep while traveling and I think that he just cannot understand that we are even moving because the ride is so silent. To help things on tomorrow's trip I made him a new mobile to look at on the way. Corrigan really likes to look at black and white patterns but I also like him to gaze at colors too so I made the mobile really quickly using some colorful notecards for one side and some black and white patterned cardstock on the other. Two brightly colored glitter pencils make up the mobile parts and some foam shapes help to give it some dimension. I hope that the movement of the car will make the shapes wiggle slowly for him and he will like it.

Advice needed:

  We have created a swing monster. Corrigan LOVES his papsan Fisher Price swing ( you would too if you were gently rocked one a cushion of softness enveloped in a light mosquito-net that serves as a canvas for beautiful starry lights while a charming soundtrack plays lullabys all night long)  and now he will NOT sleep on his back.  That becomes a big problem when we are hospitalized because I can hardly take the swing with me and he does not understand why the hospital crib is not moving when he is tired. I think that this caused a lot of the trouble the last hospitalization. Also, he is simply getting too big for the swing anyway. I know that the box says that they can stay in the swing up to 25lbs but he really looks like he is close to filling it to capacity even though I do not think that he is quite 14lbs yet. I need to get a pack-n-play portable crib ( we have no room for a real crib ) and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to transition ( in the least stressful way possible for all of us ) from swing to crib. I have tried putting him on his back when he is awake but drowsy…did not work. I have tried putting him in there wide awake and playing the mobile…does not work. I have tried waiting until he falls asleep and putting him on his back…he only sleeps 4 or 5 minutes and then wakes up.

I imagine that the transition will involve lots of sleepless difficult nights and I am up for it ( ba dum bump…ting! c'mom, you got that, right?) but only if I have a ballpark idea of when the nightmare will end. Two days? four? a week? Should I just try it for day naps first?  Corrigan is a champion screamer and "let him cry himself asleep" likely means that he would just cry uncontrollably for hours until he hyperventilates ( like he does when stressed at the hospital ) and once I pick him up to comfort him he falls limp asleep in my arms. *sigh*

Hoping to blog about the awful trip back home from Hopkins tomorrow and type it all up with a smile because an awful trip home means that we are all COMING. HOME. and no matter how hard the trip, no matter what the expense or the bad weather/traffic…being on the way back towards Cumberland is always a blessing.  

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