9 september 2008

Well, it was a long afternoon but we made it home. Little C only suffered 5 needle sticks this time with the most successful stick being the final one in his wee scalp but he still managed to lose his mind before the needles even started.

The first blood draw came back with a high ammonia of 206 and my heart dropped to my shoes realizing that we would have to stay another 3-5 days but his second draw produced an awesome ammonia number of 46! Woot!

The good thing is that the numbers can be false high but they are never false low.  I will take 46 any day of the week.  I prayed so hard before we went into the test room and continued praying, without ceasing, the entire final hour waiting for the results of the second stick.  When Dr. Hamosh walked in and said " I am sorry for the scare" All my brain heard was " I am sorry…" and thought that she was telling me that he had to stay. When I caught the end of her sentence, "…it was 46" it took me a good 5 seconds to shake the cobwebs from my brain and ask her to repeat herself.  That was WAY too close a call. I think that I just lost a year off of my life. 

Cor was fussy for a short period both during the trip down and back home but we fixed it with a 30 minute pit-stop each way for a nice bottle and cuddle. Once I reconciled that I was not going to get three hours of straight sleep from this baby on these trips it does not upset me as much to have to stop and slow down our momentum. It is what it is…and Mark cannot do his work, in the car, if there is a screaming infant in the backseat so we have to be flexible and stop sometimes.

That is all for now…I am mentally exhausted from an appointment/trip that should have lasted 6 hours or so and stretched to near 10.  Tomorrow I begin to work on an awesome photo assignment for this week…the theme is "comfort" and I cannot wait to get busy. Two senior shoots coming up in the next few weeks so I hope to be back to my normal energy level very soon…been popping my B12 and iron pills!

Love you all.

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