27 september 2008 (4 month portraits)

It's hard to smile when your gums are killing you…


He managed a smile behind those fingers


…but wow, they are really bothering him.


…and one in color…look! No fingers!


I do not feel any teeth poking near the surface of the gums but he spends 75% of his day with his hands in his mouth, whimpering and pulling hard at his bottom gums.  I wonder if he will suffer for months before a pearly white pops through? I hope not.

Four months old. Already. Wow.  He is doing so great though. Despite his wonky numbers, again, at his Hopkins clinic visit he has been acting so normal and appearing to be so healthy.  He has finally relaxed those tightly clenched fists and reaches for everything! It is such a joy to see the wrinkled little palms of his hands…his fat fingers exploring all of the textures in his reach. He is especially fond of pinching and pulling at his Daddy's beard.  It is hard to believe that he had such an aversion to touching things not long ago.  He is rolling from tummy to back and can roll more than halfway from back to front. It makes diaper changing a bit hairy when he is contorted and so determined to roll right off of the changing area onto the hallway floor.

One of the blessings of being so watchful for signs of impending citru-sickness is that we are able to observe as his world expands and his development proceeds as normal. When Big C was little I do not recall so many of the little landmarks that I have seen with Little C simply because I enjoyed Connor as a baby…but not with such an eagle-eye.  We notice, almost immediately, every new thing that Corrigan does and it makes it such a wonderful adventure for all of us. What is new for the baby is experienced joyfully by the entire family.  It's not hard to find the blessings in every situation. Even the crummy ones like Citrullinemia.  Now that we know to keep our eyes open! 

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