I wish there were some way to help…



You can help raise money for the National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation by making a simple change to the way you browse the internet. Would you consider browsing with Goodsearch.com?

Goodsearch.com will donate 50% of advertising revenue, estimated to be about a penny per search, to the charities selected by its users.

What if NUCDF got a penny everytime you searched the net? Well, consider this…if 500 people searched four times a day, we'd raise about $7300.00 a year-without anyone spending a dime!  I do not know about you but I search the web around 25 times day. Possibly even more.

Just download the Goodsearch toolbar at www.goodsearch.com and enter National Urea Cycle Disorders Foundation as the organization that you want to support.

Corrigan and many other children thank you very much!!!! 


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