27 October 2008

Family update:

Guess who is mobile now?


Corrigan has been rolling from tummy to back for a few weeks now but only this past weekend, at his PapPap's house, did he master the fine art of back to tummy movement.  This means that we have to be constantly nearby whenever he is not tightly strapped into something because he can move so quickly!   If I place him on the blanket, on the floor, he will be off of the blanket edge and rolling happily around in dog hair within a few minutes. I fully expect to come out of the kitchen, one day very soon, and see only the tiny tips of his feet peeking from under the couch.


Gah, I just want to eat his face off he is so cute.

So what has been up in the Mooney household?

*Connor was the victim of a drive-by spiderbite a week ago. Totally rude, how that spider did not even politely ask for a nibble. Of course, with the luck we are running, the bite became grossly infected and we spent an evening in the local emergency department having it drained and cultured for infection. We should know sometime today if the culture was positive for something that needs an antibiotic.  Connor is waiting for his web-slinging powers to kick in any day now.

*Corrigan has begun eating "solids"…um, as much as finely pureed applesauce can be considered solid, eh?  He hates it. Unequivocally. You would think that we were trying to gently shove Draino in his mouth the way that he scrunches his mouth shut and slaps at the spoon.  I have to say…the applesauce sure has added an interesting…uh…"touch"…to his diaper changes. Ya, solids! Not.

*We are in the process of trying to figure out how to cram forty pounds of pickles into a one ounce jar between finding room for the baby's crib and thinking ahead to where we might assemble the Christmas tree…we are finding that in order to purchase anything new ( ie: a roll of toilet paper ) we need to discard something old ( ie: the refridgerator )  

*Seriously, only 8 days until the election. FINALLY.  I am so sick of politics. I cannot wait to go an pull the lever and be done with it. Wait? What? It is digital now? Shut up. The fun part were those wicked little levers! It was so 1958 and intimidating.  I loved it.  Digital, meh.

*as of 8:43 am there are 58 days , 16 hours, 16 minutes until Christmas. I think that is three paychecks until the big day? Good gravy on a stick. I wonder if the kids would be happy with a ziploc bag of Boxtops and an apple? Better start prepping them now! ha.

* Speaking of Christmas. It just hit me the other day that this will be the first Christmas season in almost 17 YEARS that I will not be working retail.  It occurred to me so suddenly and with such clarity that I could almost smell the cookies that I will now have time to bake…and started fantasizing about the Christmas crafts that I might be moved to assemble. Then, I realized that it takes me four days to find time to shower and I snapped out of it. Regardless, I will be able to enjoy the idea of the holiday sooner than 6 pm on Christmas Eve. That is a blessing beyond words.  ( I might have to go up to the mall and wander around the kiosk on Black Friday and harrass Petra. Like, what if she needs me? I should totally be there. Because I am a dork and I miss them already. *slaps self* )

(Update on Corrigan will be typed here after I run a few errands…be back in a few hours)


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