16 November 2008 (1st haircut)

(no photos)


Corrigan had to take another ride on the "bird" to Hopkins today. He also had his first haircut due to a scalp iv. Boo. I did not even get to save the wispy pieces.

He is stable right now but not able to eat and is pretty agitated from the ammonul.  Little C is strong (and pinchy!) when he is angry.

Prayers needed for sleep for Corrigan. He really has a terrible time sleeping when he is hospitalized. Also, that he does not catch anything secondary while we are here. Everyone is gowned up due to an RSV situation. Cor has cultured negative for RSV (so far!) but pray that we can keep all of the nasty hospital germs away from him while here.

…and as far as "upsides" go to these adventures…we have hit the PICU lottery and are in the "single" bed room. woot woot! Of course, anything can change around here so no need to get cocky ( or too comfy! ) but, for now, we are happy to not have to stress about being an annoyance to some other poor little one sharing a room with the sqwacky/ticked-off, stinky-med baby.

updates more in the coming days.

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