16 November 2008

(still no photos…I need a point and shoot camera…mark. hint hint. ahem…uh…)

1. I just want to say that it was no mistake that the baby's swing broke a few weeks ago. I mean, I know I know…I was a giant whiny baby about it but seriously? God made that swing go kaput for a good reason. That reason is sleepy soundly beside me…flat on his little back right now…and does not need 8 hours of consistent movement to stay that way. Well, he will prob. wake up a bunch just because hospitals are no fun to try and get some beauty sleep in but gosh golly goodness…this baby would NOT sleep on his back last visit to Hopkins and now he just rocks at it!


2. Last night, at 1am, I got down on my knees, next to the couch, in the living room and prayed that God would give me an obvious sign when Corrigan was sick.I knew that he seemed "off" but I needed SOMETHING to let me know that it was time to race to the emergency room and this morning I woke to find little Tank sound asleep in a puddle of vomit. It wasn't the prettiest sign in the world…but it certainly was an obvious one. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer. Both the one I asked for ( the sign ) and the one I did not know I needed (the swing)

Sleep well friends.

**lack of sleep and stress is the cause of phrases like, "Gosh golly goodness"  I am in no way responsible for that level of gooberness. hehe

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