17 November 2008 (whew)

Whew!! This was a long day.

A never ending cycle of bloodwork, vitals, this intern, that intern, this resident, that physician, this person from housekeeping, that person bringing linens…everyone that comes in gowned-up due to Stage2 RSV procedure…none willing to stick around longer than a few seconds to all say about the same thing..then running quickly from the room…shutting the door tightly behind them. Leaving Cor and I nothing but time to fill. Which is not all bad. Not always.  Aunt Erica stopped by in the middle of the day to spend an hour chatting and snuggling the baby. I felt really sad when she left.

While a single room is surely a blessing it leads me to self-isolate from other human beings. I suppose that having Mark working at home has spoiled me to the pleasure of adult conversation after all!  When we are here and we are sharing a room with another family… I tend to leave the room more often. When the baby naps I might go out and talk to a nurse, slip downstairs for coffee…anything to get away from the claustrophobic feeling of the hospital situation. Of being thrust into forced familiarity with strangers going through their own stressful situations.

This single room made today so much easier and I have not felt the need to leave at all today. However, I did not realize how much I wanted to talk to other adults until I went to make a call in the morning and the phone would not call out. Boo. I tried calling dozens of times and only got the soft three tone sound that you hear when someone's phone has been disconnected.  I kept Mark's phone because his phone has the unlimited nationwide plan and mine is .35 a minute while in Baltimore and suddenly I felt completely isolated and out of touch. Strange considering I had the laptop with me…but nothing compares to hearing the voice of someone you love when you are lonely.

Frustrated, I put the phone away most of the day and focused on keeping the baby in good spirits and delighted as his ammonia numbers kept falling but could not pick up the phone and call my family. When the baby finally fell asleep around early dinnertime I thought, "Why not pop out the battery and see what happens" and low and behold the phone worked!

Then, before I could call… a few doctor's stopped in and we talked about a plan of action…and then more blood had to be drawn which involved more screaming and cuddling and comforting and all of the time I kept thinking that if I did not hear Mark's voice I would probably cry. soon. very soon.

Finally, I got to talk to Mark and my nerves settled back down and I suddenly needed a nap. I must have been wound so tightly all day…so Cor and I took a quick rest and now feel as if we are ready to face the long evening.

Currently, Little C is laying in the crib cooing loudly…screeching at intervals ( mark says that when he makes that sound he is, "calling teradactyls" to rescue him) and happily digesting his second full bottle of formula. Everything looks good for a short stay…no more vomiting…no fever…nothing much more than being slightly "off balance" with his acids and bases due to the emergency meds. They added something sodium bi-carb-i-which-i-mi-call-it to his formula to get him better balanced and everything should be wonderfully "normal" by morning. 

I just hung up with Connor…and realized that I missed the sound of his voice just as much as I missed Mark's.  The people here are great…but nothing beats the one's you truly love. 


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