14 december 2008 (home.sweet.home)

Corrigan became "sick" again this past week. He was sent by emergency transport to Baltimore for the second time in less than a month. This time was a short stay(only 2 days)..the threat of contagious icky stuff from the hospital outweighed the usual recuperation/observation time.  He stabilized super quickly and we were thrilled (if Cor could talk, I am sure he would be telling me how thrilled he was!) to be able to come back to our mountain home so soon. 

We celebrated by avoiding human beings and taking a brisk walk in the crisp fresh outdoors.


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2 thoughts on “14 december 2008 (home.sweet.home)

  1. ahahahaha. yeah, it was one of those lucky days. I had washed it the night before and fell sound asleep with it wet. When I awoke it was hopeless so I just started pinning it up out of my face. Looks cool from the side and back. Will prob. never be able to recreate it!


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