19 december 2008 (report)

Corrigan had a checkup at Hopkins yesterday and we are happy, healthy and back home.  The intital draw was a bad one producing an ammonia level of 110. Anything over 100 is a hospitalization so you can imagine the stress of waiting while the second round of blood was being analyzed.  The second returned a solid 66 and we were free to return to Cumberland.  Our next trip down, Lord willing none sooner, is the 8th of January. It feels good to say, " No more Hopkins trips until next year!" even if that means only three weeks…we will take it!

The doctor commented, again, about the noticeable weakness in Cor's right arm. She recommended weekly physical therapy. Infants and Toddlers are arranging that and are coming out on Monday, the 22nd, to evaulate his low muscle tone in both of his arms (but most noticeably in his right).  I do not think that Corrigan liked being told that his arms were weak because when we got home after the clinic visit…he spent the evening rolling all over the livingroom…both to his left and to his right. He has a bit harder time rolling one way that places his weaker right arm under his body but our little Tank did not let it discourage him…we all clapped and hooted as he worked so hard to get up and over repeatedly. He really loves when we make a big fuss and I think that it fueled him to do it over and over again.

This morning, after sweeping the floor of dog hair three times and wiping it down with oregano oil for cleaning…I put Corrigan down on some blankets…only to find, after a few minutes, that he had maneuvered himself so that he could roll directly to his daddy who was working in the corner of the livingroon at his desk. Mark looked down to see the baby on his back, smiling up at him so cute and it made our morning. 

All of this moving around has me freaking out about all of the ways that he can hurt himself…the most obvious being that we have very old wood floors (splinters, maybe?)  We are already planning on how to cover up the cords and checking if there are any nails that might be under the couches.  It is crazy that he is almost 7 months old and we are having to worry about these things. How did time fly by so quickly?

We are still homebound, by choice, and are hoping that all of our precautions will keep everyone healthy for Christmas. However, we know that even walking into John's Hopkins is a risk to anyone's health during cold and flu season…and Connor goes to school and could be exposed to any number of things…but we are keeping this baby in the house no matter what (hopefully) and I do not think that he notices much.

The world (the livingroom) is his oyster.


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