26 december 2008 ( a gift )

Corrigan decided that yesterday, Christmas Day, would be the perfect day to unveil his newest skill.   Sitting up unassisted!

Little C has some issues with the muscle tone in his arms, may be related to the hyperammonemic episode he suffered at birth?, or some of the weakness might also be because he "hides" his arms, not really using them and building muscle…tucking them close to his sides and twisting his little wrists backwards…possibly "protecting" them from some sort of PTSD from the dozens of needle-sticks he has received in 7 short months. We just do not know.  Anytime you touch his arms he stiffens them and massaging them actually makes him so upset that he will cry or try and roll away. Putting out his arms puts them at risk…you know?

Anyway, balancing himself in the sitting position is mainly a core issue…stomach muscles etc…but the limbs help with balance.  Like a tightrope walker. We thought that sitting up might take him a good bit longer and we were prepared to wait.

But Corrigan chose Christmas to show us what he could do and, as you can see, he is pretty proud of himself for doing it.

I could smack myself for cutting off his toe ( in the shot, sheesh) but I did not know how much time I had before he tumbled over and I did not want him to crack his head on the train behind him so I was kind of shooting with one hand on the camera and the other reaching out, ready to snag him if need be.

Our little monkey…our Tank, Sweet Pickle, Braveheart…he has many names…he did a great job. Don't you think?

May the rest of your year blessed!

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