5 january 2009 (Whoa. two-thousand and NINE!)

Today is a full week since Corrigan and I saw the inside of a hospital room. The past week has been enjoyable and I have even been able to push back the tsunami of anxiety that threatens to take me out every single day.  We had a really enjoyable time with Connor and Corrigan's cousins, from Virginia, and everything seems…just…right. 

A new year is here and with it comes the feeling of a brand new start. Everyone always asks what your resolutions are for the following year and I never really have any. The usual "lose weight" resolutions are so lost on me because I seem to have very little self-control and ruin all diet intentions within 30 days.  I think that we all are just praying for a healthier 2009. All of us. We all want to exercise more, spend more time outdoors and less time eating food out of a bag. More praying, more faith…goals to be better spouses, children, parents…etc. I suppose the goal is to be a little better at everything this year.  Any improvement is better than none at all.

The above photo was just to archive the shaved right-side of Corrigan's head from his last hospitalization.  We had all intentions of shaving the other side to match but when it came time…neither Mark nor I had the heart to do it. It is already growing in pretty good and since his hair is so light anyway…we are hoping that it will be less noticeable in a few weeks. For now..just lots of hats.

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