14 january 2009 (does this look like a “sick” kid to you?)

We had a lovely weekend at my Dad's this past weekend. Christmas gifts were exchanged ( we were BEYOND spoiled, as always ) and we enjoyed good food and good company. The cousins played and Corrigan fussed. Corrigan whined. Corrigan refused to eat. Corrigan refused to sleep.  Stuck him in the tub though (see above) and the kid was happy and relaxed. 

The morning after these photos were taken we took Cor to his scheduled Hopkins visit and were surprised to learn that he had a double ear infection and was badly dehydrated. When they pierced his scalp to do a blood draw, even with a tourniquet on he would not bleed. His plasma was too "dense".  While I spent the majority of last week pushing formula into Corrigan against his will…only one day did I not manage to get him to consume his required 36 ounces of fluids…and that one day must have caused all sorts of issues.

His ammonia was a solid 57 but his other numbers were a mess. His arginine was almost non-existent, his citrulline was way high, his glutamine was well above normal…poor baby was a jumble.  The nutritionist quickly revised his formula to lower his calories and encourage him to take more formula plus add an extra 8-12 ounces of pedialyte to his normal 36 ounce volume. They then told us that we could not come home to Cumberland…that they preferred we stay at my Dad's an extra day and return the next morning for a new run of labs.  I was so worried that I would not be able to plump him back up with fluids but he LOVED the grape Pedialyte and drank tons of fluids.

When we returned to Hopkins the next morning…his ammonia was even lower and all of his numbers had greatly improved to a comfortable level…we were free to go home!

Oh! the best news of all….little C grew a big boy vein! All of the nurses cheered when we found a fat 'ol vein in the crook of his right arm that was never there before! Both lab draws on that arm yielded the most beautiful geyser of blood and we are all so thankful that those awful scalp draws might now be behind him!!!

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