21 January 2009 (fuzzy)

 When Connor was little he loved his character slippers. Especially his Elmo's.  As you can see from the photo above…he wore holes in the bottoms he loved keeping them on so much.  The Lion King slippers, in the background, were also favorites and also were worn through the bottoms. 

We were excited to find a size 1 Cookie Monster slipper for Corrigan for Christmas.  They fit fairly snug but he still manages to kick them off of his feet and I will walk in the room to find him chewing on the eyeballs.  Unless Corrigan starts walking in the next 6 hours I do not think that these Cookie Monster slippers will be as well-worn ( or loved ) but it was fun to find something that he could share with his big brother.  Judging from the way that Cor hates wearing clothes and will twist and flip to get out from under a blanket I do not think that he will be a big fan of toasty slippers on his toes but that's okay. I am slowly learning that what was one thing for Connor will probably be nothing like another thing for Corrigan.


It has been almost a month since Corrigan was discharged from Hopkins last. After a stretch of hospitalizations every two weeks I am finding it harder and harder to relax and hope that we might manage an entire month home…but I have to admit that these last 3.5 weeks have been so nice. We had company up for New Year's…we had a trip out of town the weekend after…we enjoyed such a long and lazy past weekend just chilling out at home as a family…I find myself getting more anxious everyday that something will break up this stretch of goodness…

…but times are good. Babies are teething around here with white capped domes pushing through gums….anyday to make their appearance. Bigger boys are preparing for a late winter 5-day trip hours away from home to Outdoor School near the Chesapeake Bay.  Grown-ups are counting their blessings and gaining some winter weight ( what? those brownies aren't going to eat themselves are they?)  Life is moving along just as it should be. Who can complain?



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