7 february 2009 ( Corrigan…where have you been?)

Where have I been?

Well, Mom and Dad tend to keep me in the house all of the time. Something about germs and bacteria and people that did not have mommy's to teach them that they should cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze…I really do not understand it all. But I do know that it gets pretty boring around here…I mean, how many times can I chew on my Cookie Monster's eyes and roll back and forth?  I just needed to get out a bit…you know, take a road trip, see some things, meet some people…do a little reading…

Maybe play a few games…

Actually, I won a new blankie playing Bingo and it is pretty nice…but all joking aside it was a pretty busy week for me.

I got sick with my Citrullinemia last Friday and had to have mommy take me to the local ER again.  It was no fun getting poked over and over again so that I could get my emergency medicines but the nurses did a pretty good job and got me in an ambulance and to John's Hopkins in good time.

It was the same as it always is…waiting for my ammonia to come down and more needle sticks every few hours…and then my IV came out of my foot. The IV that took so long to find in the first place. My veins are pretty tricky and tiny and when I get really really angry ("Don't make me angry, you wouldn't like me angry"…Hulk reference…what? No Bill Bixbsy fans here? 1978. long time ago…anyway…) my veins clamp shut and all sorts of worry starts spreading across people's faces.

Speaking of The Incredible Hulk…remember months ago when I was first born and very very sick and my big brother made me this note for the NICU?

Yep, I am going to be the Hulk someday. FUTURE CORRIGAN is one tough dude. 

Anyway, after 70 minutes of searching and seven more pokes somebody finally found a vein, IN.MY.FOREHEAD!!!!!  Then, about an hour later I fell asleep in my mommy's arms and when I woke up my IV tape stuck to my mommy's shirt and it ripped out of my head. Mommy was really really upset. She got me pretty wet with her tears. She and Daddy talked for a long time that night and decided that it was finally time to get a special port put into my chest that lets the nurses take my blood and give me IV's without having to poke me a dozen times.

This is the place that I had to go to have the port procedure done. Mommy got to come with me until I went to sleep and it did not take very long.  

I was pretty angry when it was finished but soon I realized that the  port surgery also gave me superpowers!!! I can shoot laserbeams from my eyes now! This is me as I tried out my powers for the first time…

Now that I have this port it will not be so much stress on me when I get sick. The nurses will be able to get my medicine in me faster with less pain for me and when I need IV's it will be in my chest and my hands and feet will no longer be tied up with tubes and tape and NO-NO sleeves.  This is what it looked like right after surgery…notice how amazingly resilient I am…sitting up minutes after being brought back to my bed after surgery (ps. Mom said to use the word "resilient" I was going to use "AWESOME" but whatever)

(Yes, that is a whisk in the photo above. You never know when you might need to whip up some eggs or make some pancakes.  A baby should always be prepared)

My mommy worried all day long but everything was fine. Bonus, I got a LOT of hugs and kisses…

In the middle of all of this fun stuff (working on my sarcasm…did it work?) I got gastr….gastric…gastroentero…itis….um….the poops and pukes.  My immune system is not any weaker than any other baby's immune system but when I get sick it takes me wayyyyyy longer to recover than other kids. My metabolic system was already wonky and then I took a pretty hard hit with the bug and it made the week pretty tough. I realized that being home and chewing on Cookie Monster's eyes was a vacation compared to 8 days in the hospital.  It was not all bad though…I spent tons of time with mommy and played with lots of toys. There were so many nice people that came to see me from Child Life Services and they brought me books and toys that were perfect for my age and smothered me with attention and smiles.   Mommy says I always try to smile even when I am super sick…I do it to make her happy…I just don't like it when mommy cries.

  I am home now and spending lots of time sleeping. I slept 12 hours straight last night…it's a booger to get any good rest in a hospital…and am napping even now. The doctors want me to get some rest at home for a few days and come back on Monday morning for some new bloodwork (yay, PORT!) and check me out to see if I am better. Another trip to Baltimore, hooray! Sarcasm again… get that one? no? fine..I will go back to DA..DA..DA..now…gets more smiles. anyway!

Thank you for all of the prayers that you sent up to God in my name this past week!  My mommy says that God is always watching out for me…I believe her…I can feel it! If you want it would be awesome if you continued to pray for me…the doctors were talking to my folks about possible G-tubes and liver transplants…sounds like a lot more icky stuff…and the more prayers the better!

Much love, smiles and drool to all of you!


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