cooties…(happy valentine’s day)

Corrigan is just learning how to give kisses. Granted, they are more open-mouthed slobbers but he moves deliberately towards your face, mouth gaping and presses his messy mouth firmly against cheek…then pulls back quickly and smiles.  It is adorable, and kind of disgusting at the same time.

I was thinking back to when Connor was a baby and how I would purse my lips to signal that I wanted a kiss and he would press his tiny little lips to mine.  Sometime around age three I think that it was Mark that asked if, perhaps, maybe mouth kissing was not appropraite anymore. I was sad but adjusted just fine.  Now, with our ever-present fears of illness that could send Corrigan into a hyperammonemic episode the very idea of kissing him on the lips seems wrong even though I miss it. How could I even take that chance? Lips tightly pursed or not…I am all too aware of the transfer of icky things and I now happily kiss his face…lifting him high and smothering his forehead in smooches…growling like a mommy-monster and softly nibbling his neck, causing him to break into giggling fits that make me melt into a puddle…these are how I show him affection.  No more lip kissing, no way. boo.

Today is Valentine’s Day and it is a time for smooches. Today I am going to soap up wildly under scalding water, dab sweet scents of Eau de GermX on every visible body surface and gargle with Listerine until I spit fire from the burn ( Oh, the burn…it’s how you know it is working, eh?)…showing my undying devotion and affection by keeping my ickys to myself…and kissing foreheads.

*mommy monster-growl*

(my sister sent this card…could there be a more appropriate card for our family? hahahaha)





ahahahahahahaha. Thanks Erica.

Happy Valentine’s day!

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