meant to be…

When we found out that we were pregnant…Mark and I began the time-honored tradition of shooting down every baby-name that the other person could come up with.   I would suggest a name that I thought to be quite lovely and Mark would remark that he had dated someone with that name, or his brother had….and boy, oh boy..she was not so nice….or he would suggest a name and I would remember that I knew someone that knew someone that had a dog with that name…and around and around we would go.   Mark was convinced that the baby was a boy long before the unltrasound technician declared that he thought he saw the dangly bits…so his eyes would glaze over when I discussed names for a baby girl.  I was so convinced that after 10 years of waiting for another baby surely I would get the girl-child I had always imagined until the 19 week sonogram showed undeniably that there would be another human being that peed on the floor beside the toilet rather than in it…and I seriously doubted that he would want me to braid his hair and talk about prom dresses…so I told myself I was just happy the baby looked healthy and settled into a list of baby boy names to debate back and forth with Mark.

We tried all sorts of names with our last name…focusing on good old fashioned Irish names to keep in step with the Connor Liam that we already had but we could not seem to find one that jumped out at us.  Both Mark and I love the book “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card and thought that the main character, Ender, was strong and good and would be a great name ….a unique name…for our wee lad but the more we thought about Ender Mooney…the more we imagined playground teasing and raised eyebrows whenever he was introduced. The name was a nickname for the character who’s real name was “Andrew” when his little sister, in the book, could not pronounce “Ender.”  We would have to explain that every time we said his name.

We  both loved the name Owen…Mark had a dear relative with that name and we both loved “A Prayer for Owen Meany” by John Irving and had sort of settled on Owen Mooney after weeks of back-and-forth discussions..  Owen Mooney….Owen Meany…it had sort of clicked. We liked it. We were ready to share the name with family. It was safe and it sounded fine. Neither of us had bad experiences with anyone named Owen…we had decided.

Having settled on Owen we went about the business of preparing for baby when, one day, we drove down a simple street…and Mark looked up at the street name (Corrigan drive) and declared “Corrigan Mooney!” and there was nothing else to say. Nothing.  No discussion…no thinking about it…it fit better than anything I had ever heard and I can tell you that I got goosebumps the first time, moments later, I too said “Corrigan Mooney” outloud.

When we got home we decided to look up the name “Corrigan” and learned that it was a surname meaning “spear” and I searched and searched and could not find anyone with “Corrigan” as a first name. Perfect.  Then, I looked up the Corrigan family crest.  A crest with a little lizard…how curious!  We have several Mooney family crests around the house and I knew that our crest was a simple tree with a lizard in the leaves. I have seen it on my husband’s family’s crest rings, on necklaces that the girls wore and often engraved it on things when I used to do that for a living…so I found it curious that Corrigan’s crest had a lizard and so did our Mooney crest.  Out of curiosity I decided to look up Connor’s (our oldest) family crest…the O’Connor shield…and I sat stunned when I saw what was on my computer screen.

There, in front of me, was proof that the name that was given to us, out of nowhere, earlier in the day was meant to be…because Connor’s family crest was a simple tree…nothing else.  Corrigan’s was a simple lizard…and together…both of my boy’s names combined…made the Mooney family crest!  For the second time that day I had goosebumps…and I felt that something special had just happened. The name “Corrigan” was given to us for a reason. Knowing my baby now, and all that he has been through…and all that he will continue to go through…his sweet sweet spirit…I have no doubt that God gave us that name, that unique name, for a reason. Corrigan is going to be somebody…people are going to know his name..and maybe it is for the citrullinemia…but regardless of what he might become…I appreciated how God gave us a smile.

Check it out…

Connor’s crest: (Connor Liam Nevan Mooney)


Corrigan’s crest: (Corrigan Owen Andrew Mooney)


 and our Mooney Family crest:


We did not plan for another baby. Especially, not ten years between our children though I had wished and hoped and prayed that I would be a mommy to another child someday. But God knew that our family was not finished…He had a plan. He showed us for sure that now…our family is complete.

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