a good report…


(are you talking about me again, mom?)

Everything went really well at Corrigan’s appointment. We arrived nearly 40 minutes early and while the nurses were not quite set-up for him we got his blood to the lab a lot faster than usual…so that by the time our appointment with the nutrionist/nurse was over we already had ammonia results. 

His ammonia came back at 52. His last ammonia (2 weeks ago) came back at 48. The doctors would, ideally, like to get him to stay comfortably below 30 but it seems as if the only time Cor is able to hang around under 30 is after days of hospitalization and IV meds. Corrigan’s ammonia, on his own, tends to be in the middle to upper 40’s.   The team is going to make some adjustments and see what the best plan is for getting that number lower…and to keep it that way.

Otherwise, everything else looks “comfortable” and we are adding rice cereal to his diet this evening. Normally, according to his nutritionist, the usual plan of action is to start with fruits and then veggies and then rice cereal.  Because Corrigan is still not sleeping through the night and eating several ounces each time he wakes we are going to skip some steps and move to rice cereal. Here is to hoping that adding a little volume to his nightly meal will get mama some sleep!!!!!!


In other news, today is the 16th anniversary of the day that Mark and I first met. SIXTEEN YEARS! whew~   Little did I know that on this day I was going to meet the man I would spend my  life with. It was a horrible day…we buried my Aunt Betty that afternoon and I had decided that life was too short ot spend being ignored 4 days of the week by the man I was dating.  Feb. 26th 1993 was the first time that I had ever broken up with anyone in my life, choosing to let people dump me because I was always afraid of making a scene…but on this day I realized that I had a life to live. My Aunt was very young to have died…and I needed to live a life that was more positive…less self-destructive. 

That evening, I met Mark.  It is a long story, this tale of first-meetings, but it stuck.  Through it all we are still together…and truly stronger than ever. Truly.  Mark made plans to celebrate this date, tomorrow, that involve Connor and Corrigan both sleeping over at Grandma’s house. Grandma is, of course, thrilled.

Mama is, of course, a nervous wreck.

Connor was one year old the first time I let him sleepover at my mother’s house (his first overnight visit anywhere).  Corrigan is only nine months old AND has a chronic health condition…I am NOT ready for this. NOT. READY. but nobody asked me. *sigh*



Pray that I am able to relax and enjoy some much-needed alone time with my husband and not worry so much about my boys. *whew*


update: Please pray for our good friend Coulby who is again struggling with a “bug”  Does it not seem like this winter has been brutal on everyone with colds and flu’s? Or is it just because we are so aware of sickness this year?  Anyway,  Coulby has weathered the last few illnesses at home without becoming hyperammonemic and we are praying that he will continue to do well without needing hospitalization! Get well soon our brave little friend!  ( http://taleof2cs.blogspot.com/  )  <—go here and leave Coulby an encouraging comment if you have a second.  He will love it!


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