for PapPap…

*the crowd goes wild as the lights flash and the fighter enters the octagon to the roaring power tune of “pat-a-cake”*

Ladies and Gentlemen, this fight is scheduled to go three rounds in the UFC lightweight division…introducing first, fighting out of the red corner…hailing from the rugged mountains of Western Maryland…the undefeated King of the Playpen….three time UFC lightweight champion….Corrigan “The TANK” Mooneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


He lost all of his other teeth in a vicious five-round match with Mirko “Kro Kop” in summer 2008.

Most opponents buckle under the weight of Tank Mooney’s fearsome fighting skills and mad mad…uh….madness.


totally fearsome, right?

“Tank” uses his takedown defense skills to in order to force the opponent to trade with him.  None of that “nansy-pansy’ sharing for Tank.  He changes his strategies and modifies his gameplan for every opponent.  He can strike, sprawl, clinch and drool his way to victory everytime he enters the octagon.

His skills have proven, time and again, that “Tank” Mooney is the UFC fighter to watch.


“Tank” headed out for a victory bottle of CGS (Carnation Goodstart…word) after the  win….and the crowd.goes.wild.

One thought on “for PapPap…

  1. Thanks so much. that was great! We really miss seeing him, and yet we are so very thankful that “Tank” has not required extended stay at JH. On your last visit I wanted to ask you to stop by the store so that I could see him. Trouble was that I was having a DM visit when you were ready to head home. Maybe some other time.


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