happy birthday Petra!


Dear Petra,

 Thanks for joining me for lunch today. I really enjoyed sitting in a high chair like a big boy (for 10 minutes…3 minutes). It was really nice of you to share your birthday lunch with me. I liked the broccoli the best. I am sorry that I chewed on it for so long and got your arm and sleeve all messy…it was delicious.  Also, the breadsticks and applesauce were pretty awesome too, thanks for feeding me with one hand so that I could eat some lunch and look across at my awesome mom while chewing! (hehehe)

My mom says that I have no idea (yet) how super “beyond cool”  spectacular you are as a friend. She said that she is so happy that God brought the two of you together nearly 13 years ago.  I think that you are really nice already! You always come over and swoop me from the floor and kiss on me and hug me and let me pull on your necklaces and chew on your shirts.  You are always smiling at me and I like that.

So thanks for letting me take you on a birthday date.  I had a good time and hope that you will let me eat with you again soon (tomorrow)

Happy Birthday Petra!!!!!!

Love, Corrigan

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