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Not much happening in the Mooney household. We are excited to have been home, happy and healthy, since February 7th and Corrigan seems to be doing really really well.  We have increased his protein intake through solid foods so that means lots more flavors being tasted…the favorite seems to be rice cereal and sweet potatoes…but he also really likes his veggies.  I am hopeful that his interest in “real” food translates to a lifetime of good appetite but I know that, statistically, kids that take Buphenyl and have UCD’s tend to be pretty picky eaters and lots of stress begins to revolve around food.  One parent that I have spoken to said that her child’s doctor said that Buphenyl’s appetite supression is almost exactly like Dexatrim. How unfortunate that the drug that keeps our children healthy also causes eating issues that could make our children unwell. Boo.

So far though, I have a little piggy in my house.  He wants  to eat and he wants to eat now.  I love the little-birdy, open-mouthed gape that he does to signal that he wants another bite and I am always so thrilled that he finishes his meals.  Mark says that he passed on the “gluttony” gene to Corrigan because he loves his food as well…whatever reason for the appetite I am thankful for it!

Corrigan will be 10 months tomorrow! Ten months, that is outrageous.  It hardly seems possible but it is true.  I adore this age though.  Nine to ten months old is my favorite age for infants…not yet mobile enough to mean that I spend my days on my feet anticipating the next crash and burn…but mobile enough to get around and seem more independant. I love his little personality that is peeking through more and more everyday.  The way that he cocks his head and smiles that naughty little grin when he thinks that he is being funny.  The way that he reaches up with both arms and calls, “um-ma, um-ma” whenever he wants me. His tired little smile whenever I softly call out his name to wake him from his  nap, he smiles before he even fully wakes. I like to think that the sound of my voice in his dreams makes him happy as he slowly realizes that I am out here, in the real world. Then, he lifts his lids to see me fully and sits up quickly for the scoop up and out.   The warmth of his skin after a nap, the way that he rubs his face against my shoulder to erase the sleep from his eyes.  The sloppy baby “kisses” and fits of giggly laughter as I tip him backwards to hang, for a few seconds, upside down like a monkey. This age is magical. This age is perfect.


Connor heads to Adventure Camp next week with his sixth grade class.  The trip is the modern version of Outdoor School that is nothing like what we experienced in sixth grade.  They will be heading down to NorthBay on the Chesapeake Bay, staying in modern quarters and eating food prepared by a gourmet chef. ha! We were so hungry during our Outdoor School that on the hike to The Bog we ate toothpaste to keep from falling over from starvation.  While Connor will be dining on food prepared in a state-of-the art kitchen and snacking from the concession store…we spent evenings scrubbing out bathrooms because our cabin was so far from the mess hall that we were unable to hear the bell to call for meal…and as punishment for our lateness we were forced to clean the bathrooms. Outdoor Schools was the first time I had ever seen a urinal and I have to tell you that girls are FAR more disgusting than boys in regards to bathroom cleanliness. Aside from all of that ( plus, nearly freezing to death in temperatures that earned our class the “polarbear” award due to record cold) Outdoor School was, for me, one of the best times of my life. Connor has no idea the memories he is going to take away from next week. He is stressed because he was told that, at the end of camp, they have to write a report. A report! Sheesh. I ate toothpaste and cleaned toilets at my camp..and he is stressing over a report.  *shaking my head*

Still waiting on warmer weather. Last week has a few teaser days but the WeatherChannel is calling for nothing but rain this weekend so that is a bummer. We are eagerly awaiting the chance to go for a bike ride on the trail and picnics at Rocky Gap. Some fresh air would do all of us some good!

Hope that everyone that is reading this is doing well! ( PapPap and Nana, reading this from some sandy, sunny beach in Cabo *waving*)

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