out of order


My work computer has a config error. I cannot get my system to boot at ALL.  I tried repairing Windows but for some reason it will not accept my owner product code (that is on a sticker on the side of my CPU) so right now I am unable to do anything with my computer. As you can imagine, the worst thing would be that I would lose all of my photos.   I cannot even allow myself to worry about that before I know for sure.  Thankfully, I am careful about backing up client photos and they are in my firesafe…and about three months ago I backed up most family photos through maybe August so there is that small silver lining. However, I think that some of my best work has been my more recent work so I am heartbroken to think that they may all be gone. There is a lesson here, surely I do not have to type it out. *sigh*

I am currently working on the laptop which is pretty old and slow…and I do not have access to my Photoshop or any other programs so I am a bit lost right now. I did have these two shots to share that were taken with my point and shoot the other evening. Dark, grainy…out of focus…both the photos and the way things have been around here lately. My computer being down is the least of it.

Thankfully, everyone is healthy and doing very well.  Really…that is all that matters. Right?

Corrigan had his regularly scheduled appointment this past week.  The results of his labs showed that he is currently “rock solid” and doing really well.  He gained over a pound in four weeks which was 141% of expected growth for that time period but he only grew 40% of expected lateral growth and his head did not grow at all. This could mean that his protein has been restricted a bit too much to grow but that he is getting plenty of calories to gain weight.   I joked that it was okay if I ended up with a short kid if it meant that we didn’t have to add more protein to his diet ( the last few increases have led to hospitalizations) but of course I realize that it is not just his bones that need the protein..but, more importantly, his brain.

After all of that it was decided that we would not increase his protein at all but wait until next appointment.  It has been 9 weeks since Corrigan’s last hospitalization and we are thankful to God for the really amazing time we have had at home. Time to get on a schedule…time to watch him grow and learn…time to fall more in love with each other…all of us.


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