Corrigan is at Hopkins again. Poor peanut got sick on the way to church on Easter sunday morning. Little C was at the local ER by 9:30am and in Baltimore, by ambulance, by 5:30pm. Not the way I had hoped that his first Easter would go but what can you do?

Currently his ammonia is down to 25 from a high of 149 and he just took some fluids by mouth so we are waiting to see if it stays down before adding protein-free formula to his diet and then , hopefully, formula w/meds by dinnertime.

He is having a very hard time resting due to orders for labs every four hours and the numerous wires attached to him. He really moves around when he sleeps and I am so worried these wires are going to wrap around his neck. Also, he is quite mobile now so this crib/cage is infuriating to him and all of his sitting then standing and crawling means we are always untangling him or he is popping something loose.

There is a Twitter update on the right sidebar of this blog. I always thought Twitter was a bit self-indulgent…I mean,I don’t like anyone enough to care if they just had coffee and took a bathroom break…but for family situations like this where medical updates are warranted it can be effective. However, sometimes Twitter and WordPress seem unable to communicate so you can click on the name and it will take you to our family Twitter page or, better yet, add your cell number and my updates will come to your phone. No extra charges apply and its good for me because texting everyone costs me .35 a text and Twitter costs me nothing. Adding your number is up to you…no worries you can always just check the page.

This is, likely, my last post untill we get home…typing this with my thumbs is an interesting kind of torture…and I feel plenty tortured just being here with a really ticked off ten-month old.

Thank you for your prayers! Cor is doing well and we anticipate nothing more than the usual gradual return to full diet and then discharge home.


Your comments are appreciated!

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