pray pray pray

Several months ago I asked you to pray for Kayleigh…a one-pound miracle…and put the family’s blog over on the side of my own hoping that you would find them the blessing that I found them to be.  Today, I log in to learn that Kayleigh has not woke from surgery and things are not looking good.  I am asking my readers to PLEASE spare some time the moment that you read this to close your eyes and beg the Lord to bring Kayleigh back to her loving family. However, please know that I fully believe that whatever God decides to is the PERFECT decision no matter how much it hurts. 

When Corrigan was “sleeping” those scary days and seemed so far from us I felt a peace that God would NEVER leave him alone in the darkness of his newborn mind.  He had barely opened his eyes to recognize the blurry face of Mommy and Daddy…had never seen colors…but I know that God was there, speaking to him softly, and never leaving him alone during those silent days.  I wish that Corrigan could one day tell me the conversations that he had with God…but I understand that it is not for me to know. I am just so thankful that Corrigan was comforted and held so gently by our Saviour. 

I know the same is true for little Kayleigh. Her family is suffering at her bedside but they have faith greater than any I have known…if you would lift them up in prayer today I know it would bring them comfort and peace.   God is there with Kayleigh RIGHT NOW.  He has probably told her the plan of what is to come…whether or not she will be soon holding the hand of Jesus…He will not leave her alone in the silence. And no matter how hard it is, how loud our lives have become…God still does the same for each of us.  He is there. 

Please, dirty your knees in prayer for this loving and amazing family.

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