best. playpen. ever.

Few purchases we have made have been “totally worth it” but the trampoline (with net!) has been money well spent. In fact, so well spent that we have bought this trampoline twice.  Of course, I’d have rather not shelled out several hundred dollars two times for the same item…but our first trampoline lifted like Dorothy’s house during a fierce windstorm and crumpled pitfully into my neighbor’s garage.   There was little else to do except buy it again considering the hours and hours of exercise that it provided to Connor and now we are learning, with Corrigan, that had we had a trampoline when Connor was a year-old our lives just “chillin” in the backyard would have involved so much less running around keeping him from tossing himself into the creek and much more relaxed enjoyment from a chair set close to the bouncy goodness.

(edited to add: We are aware that trampolines have, statistically, high injury rates but we have been blessed with 7 years of bouncy fun without injury…and the only reason it is working for Corrigan, now, is because he cannot stand independently for more than a few seconds.  Once he becomes fully mobile the trampoline will have to be very closely monitored but, for now, it is just pure fun for him to bounce on his knees and press against the net.)

If you play peek-a-boo with him, from behind the white safety notice on the net, he thinks it is the greatest game ever.


I wasn’t lying, look at the joy on that face!


He has been a pretty unbelievably happy baby these past two days…even though he is still getting up several times a night (after spoiling me with a month of 12 hour nights of rest)…and he was so delighted that we took him out between rain showers to bounce. It was starting to drizzle and thunder soon after I took these so we had to go back inside.


See? Best playpen ever. Thank goodness for the net!


Daddy got out the bubble machine and, at first, he was NOT impressed.


But then it really started pumping out some bubbles and he was kinda into it until the wind was slapping them against the net (see cluster of bubbles to the right of the baby) and splashing his head with soapy liquid.


Wasn’t long before a big ‘ol bubble caught his eye ( I missed the bubble in the frame but caught the expression) and he reacted.

Then, the rain and wind kicked up and our ten minutes of outdoor fun were over.  Maybe more tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “best. playpen. ever.

  1. My gracious it is good to see that smile. I cannot WAIT for you guys to pop through town again for a visit. What a cutie pie. xo


  2. I love his “eat your face off” smile. It is going to see him doing that more lately! We will see you soon…I’ve no doubt!


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