party animal

We finally managed to get this little boy some cake and presents. I will be honest, I did not have high hopes that anything would work out.  Corrigan was still suffering from his cold (and Mama was full throttle into her verson…oh wow, I felt rough) but he managed to have a pretty nice day.  He worked and worked to perfect his birthday speech…

5309 134

“I would like to thank you all for coming…”

5309 138

“…Yes, it has been a really rough year”

5309 139

“but…with God, anything is possible!”

Now let’s have cake!  Wait, why do I have to touch it?

5309 108copy

Speaking of cake…why is Handy Manny about to repair a pile of dog poop?

5309 166

Then came presents….lots and lots of presents…today, the day after, it looks like Fisher Price vomited all over my living room…it’s so awesome.  

5309 255

 Corrigan was really blessed with gifts and love and after his short nap at 5pm, he came back outside in the most amazingly good mood. He sat and looked at every card, showed interest in every toy and was pleasant and sweet. It was more than I could have ever hoped for…and it felt like a completely normal day. Hooray!

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