caption, please ( 7 june 09 )

 This morning I was cleaning and due to copious amounts of dog hair I need to use a ShopVac to get all of the fur off of the floors.  I was cleaning the bathroom when Corrigan came crawling in and demanded access to the tub. He loves to stand and smack the side of the porcelein…I stepped out of the bathroom for a few moments and came rushing back when I heard the ShopVac turn on…only to stop and laugh at this scene.  Of course, I had to grab my camera and pray he would still be dilengtly sweeping out the tub when I returned.  

  Do you have a caption?


6 thoughts on “caption, please ( 7 june 09 )

  1. Dear Mindy,
    My husband found your blog yesterday and I have been addicted, reading every post since the beginning. My daughter Sophia is 6 months old and also has a UCD (Arginosuccinic Aciduria). I have focused on updating her blog with pictures, but never diaried my feelings through all of this. I felt like I was reliving the last 6 months of my life reading your posts. We have not yet met anyone who is the parent of a UCD child, and it is so amazing to hear that someone has been through the same experiences we have. My faith is what has gotten me through to this point, like you, and I was so encouraged by certain things you have written over the past year. I want to wish Corrigan a wonderful 1st birthday – he is a beautiful little boy and he’s so lucky to have the parents that he does. I would love to speak to you more – if you have a moment, feel free to email me or visit Sophia’s blog!
    Kind regards,
    Michelle (Boston)


    • wow, Michelle…your reply is the very reason I blog at all. I mean, it is great for family and friends to see how we are doing but to connect with other parents of children with UCD’s that was always my goal and I am so touched ( and glad!) that you contacted me! I am so happy that our experience has helped you in any way at all! I will absolutely visit your blog when I get some quiet time this weekend!~ Thank you for the birthday wishes for Corrigan, I will pass them on to him in baby babble! ahaha


  2. Thanks so much for your response, and I’m sorry to read about what you guys are going thru with Corrigan at the moment. I will keep him in my prayers for sure … but I bet he’ll snap back into it soon.

    I don’t know if you belong to NUCDF, or if you know that they have yearly conferences pertaining to UCD’s, but we will be going this July – it’s in Pasadena, CA – and we’re really looking forward to meeting some parents who have gone through these same things. I have so many questions about what to expect the next 6 months … year … 5 years … but normally try to take things day by day …

    Feel free to email me if you ever have some spare time (yeah right!) at Have a great weekend 🙂

    By the way – your pictures are GORGEOUS – you are very talented!


  3. Yeah, we are NUCDF members. Cindy, at NUCDF is very sweet and we keep in close contact. I told her that we cant get to Pasadena…it’s simply too far for us. Corrigan can’t behave on a two hour trip to Balitmore, an airplane trip might kill us all from stress! hahaha. Maybe in a few years I don’t know.

    I will email you this week!


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