…it’s good to have goals



*eating update

This morning I readied myself to pop Corrigan in the highchair and have him swat my hand away while trying to feed him. I heard the theme song of his favorite PBS show ( SuperWhy!) on the television in the background and it occured to me that I had not tried feeding him in front of the TV.  Like so many things that bother me about his diet/feeding situation( ie; adding butter and brown sugar to perfectly healthy organic homemade babyfood to boost calories etc) I cringed at feeding him in front of the squawk box and starting that sort of habit ( I really am trying so hard to do everything better with Corrigan, learning from past mistakes etc…have I mentioned my goal of getting Corrigan through the entire summer without ONE FRECKLE appearing? I need to figure out how to dip this alabaster baby into a bucket of sunscreen…) but I plopped his highchair in front of the television, held my breath and moved the spoon to his mouth.  He opened, swallowed and barely blinked.  Incredulous, I tried again…same thing happened. And again…and again…and in about 8 bites he had consumed the entire container of babyfood without fuss! (oh and I used a blue plastic regular spoon..leftover from his birthday party instead of a baby spoon…so he was getting BIG bites)

I am almost terrified of trying again after he wakes from his nap. The joy I am feeling right now feels too good to ruin with a bad attempt in a bit…but I know I have to try again.  I’ve been saying lots of “thanks” to God for making that last feeding so awesome and pleading for His assistance to make it happen again in a little while.  Wooo hooooo!

4 thoughts on “…it’s good to have goals

  1. This was a trick we used often to get Coulby to eat. I know how wrong it seems, but you do what it takes to get the food in him that he needs in an attempt to preserve normalcy (no g-tube). Way to go, mama! You are doing great!


  2. Just wondering how things are going with Corrigan’s feeding. Did the TV trick work again??

    I so know how you feel about using the TV for feeding, I have struggled through the same battle. It is not the way we want things and it’s not good for the family … but in the end we have to balance out what’s good for our child … and eating is good. It is also frustrating as you begin to wonder how much of a mind game they are playing on you. The TV did not work for James … altho I cannot say that we tried it in earnest, probably because we didn’t see any sort of significant change. Our son Matthew is currently going through feeding issues and we are struggling to figure out what is triggering them, and again, how much is just a mind game. He will eat in front of the TV also, but I have never done it consistently to see what happens when the novelty wears off. There have been a couple times where I’ve needed to go away and am desperate to get food into him so I let him watch and try feed him … but he refuses … so altho it’s a great distraction, in the end I guess his mind or his stomach wins the battle again.

    As Murissa comments … eating in front of the TV is a whole lot easier and better for the family then trying to keep up with tube feedings. I’d much rather have my child eat like a normal child with a spoon or drink a bottle then have to have them hooked up to a pump for several to many hours each day … trust me, it’s no fun and presents it’s own challenges and problems.

    I hope that Corrigan is beginning to eat better and if not I pray that he will at least continue to drink, as long as you can get his formula in him you are doing fine! Hang in there, it’s a rough road but it’s worth the journey when you get to enjoy seeing your child grow up.


    • Things are improving. He will eat about three conatiners of stage 2 baby foods in a day now so they gave me back 2 grams of protein for solids. His therapist should be back out this week to see how his touch-therapy has been working and attempt some foods with more texture. I still have to feed him in front of the tv, but it goes so quickly and even when he is finished he likes to sit and watch the remainder of the video so I get a few minutes to finish up a chore nearby or something.

      It is kind of frustrating that he is still only on a bottle, but I bought a sippy cup and took out the “no-spill” spout and have been tipping it over onto his tongue. He needs to learn that something YUMMY is inside..and I am hoping eventually he will get frustrated with my one or two drops at a time and put the spout in his mouth and SUCK. Once he understands that concept I will put the spill spout in and all will be fine. As of now, 6-7 bottles a day is staking SO much time for him to geth is formula in. If he would just take a sippy cup he could be up and playing so much sooner instead of stuck to a bottle/nipple.

      Otherwise, its fine. His checkup went well on Friday. Despite the fact that he has been leaving 1-2 ounces everyday of formula..he gained 220% of expected weight gain for four weeks…and 101% of expected growth for length. His head circumference increased a wee bit too…so he is getting maximum everything from what he is taking in. His aminos were “comfortable” and they think he might be getting ready to grow so that always worries me…such a delicate balancing act.

      Thanks for checking in on us! I hope that things continue to at least move forward in the eating department…even the tiniest bit forward is better than backwards, you know?


  3. If a child needs to be fed and resists it, and the TV distracts him from resisting the feeding, then it is a Godsend.

    One of my children had a G-tube for a while (which I didn’t like) so I know a bit about feeding issues. Distracting videos were used to get haircuts tolerated, and a Portable DVD player still accompanies him to Dentist office visits. (Although at 15 years of age, it is sometimes not used, believe me, 2-3 years ago it was still required!)


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