summer fun

There are going to be a lot of photos in the coming weeks. Our nieces and nephew, from Florida, are in town for a few weeks we only see them every couple of years.

Here is my oldest niece, Sadie…it’s hard to believe that when I met her she was the exact same age that Corrigan is now. Now? Now she is 16 years old! *sigh*


A little bit of silly from Mark and I. Or, uh, just me. What-ev-er. 


Using the photo wand thingy that Dad got me for Christmas. ( thanks Dad!) Managed to cut out about 4 or 5 people here. We need more practice.


Mark in some yummy light.  My boys get their baby-blues from Papa. For sure.


…and a photo to document the first time that Corrigan tasted soda. And Mountain Dew…gotta start ’em out with the Granddaddy of soda pop. And I wonder why he is still awake at 10:03PM?  Thanks Grandma. *sigh*


I have some really great shots of Connor this evening but I am going to save them for his birthday post this weekend. My oldest is about to turn 12 years old and when I see him in this evenings photos I am startled  at how much he has matured in one year’s time.  He is a heartbreaker, for sure.

That’s all for now!

Your comments are appreciated!

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