Lack of cable television (and reliable internet) has forced us out into the “room with no ceiling” (as we like to think that Corrigan would call the Great Outdoors)  After a year of being cooped up, fearful of germs and other real (and imagined) dangers we have tried to do more things with the baby outside among the breezes and treezes ( ha, cute eh? No? pfft)   Corrigan manages to do really well for 3-4 hours each time we venture out to try something new and today we thought he might enjoy his first outdoor music festival. (Thanks Uncle Dan for paying our way in!)

festival 3

 The event was organized as a benefit for the Mt.Savage Fire Department towards the purchase of new fire equipment.

festival 2

Playing at the Festival was Shakedown Street whose members include Corrigan’s Uncle Dan and his cousin Josh. 

festival 1

It was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. It sure beats sitting on the couch, staring at each other. Corrigan really loves music. REALLLLLLLYYYYY loves music. He cries when it stops, he bounces when it starts…and if there is a guitar involved he is the happiest kid on the block.

festival 6

Cor was quite happy to climb all over Uncle Dan today. I dont think that Daniel minded at all…

festival 5

The weather was a little odd. First it was cool and then the blazing hot sun came out and we scrambled to get the baby slathered in sunscreen. A short time later it changed again, became quite cold and a storm rolled in.

festival 7

There is something really “summery” about an outdoor music festival that I really love. I am so happy that I can slip Corrigan into a sling and “wear” him for a few hours and enjoy music and friends.

festival 8

festival 4

Eventually, Little C was too pooped to pop and when the rain began sprinkling we packed it up and headed home. 

festival 9

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