I could not find my phone this evening. I looked and looked and looked. Finally, I gave up thinking that I must have left it in the car. A little while later I heard it ring and followed the sound across the livingroom.  I chuckled as I opened the mailbox and found it tucked nicely away next to his “letters”.   I suppose that this is where he wanted it to be. He meant for it to go there so after I took the photo I closed the mailbox door and left it until he went to bed.

you've got mail

Corrigan has been doing really well since his hospitalization during the 4th of July weekend. He is eating wonderfully and gladly. His little “hungry birdy” mouth opening whenever he sees the spoon just makes me smile until my face hurts. This evening he tried his first bit of Trix yogurt. Watermelon (eewww) and he loved it. Wanted more but because it has so much protein, and we only have a few grams to work with, he could only have 2 ounces. He was not happy about that. I love that he loves something (food) so much that he is willing to yell about it.  Finally!

Yesterday, he took his first independent steps. Three of them.  Today, he took four steps and I can only imagine what he will be doing by week’s end. We are so thrilled to watch him thrive and grow. He also found his “voice” today. A much deeper voice than before and wow, so much louder too! ha. He has been goo-goo, gabble-gabble, mrawr-ing all day…considerably more than he normally “talks” and it is so cute.   I cannot wait for his PT to see him next week!

Connor came home from a long weekend with his cousins in PA.  He seemed a bit grouchy but I imagine that after being surrounded by cousins for most of the summer he is ready for some “alone” time.  He is not an only child any longer but he still needs his quiet time like he had when he was the only one in the house. He functions better after he can veg out in his head and lay around a bit.  Soccer practice starts next week or the week after and he is pretty pumped. This is his first year playing organized sports and he is playing for JCP league.  Mark has had him in the yard, or down at Lion’s Field,  practicing kicks and running drills. He is so agile, I can really see him doing a great job on the field. I cannot wait to be a soccer mom!

Summer is going by way too fast. Connor will be back to school in a month and that just seems unacceptable to me!  I enjoy having him around so much.  I haven’t had enough Connor time either but I will grab him after he has had a few days to wind down and settle into his normal routine. 

I hope that summer is going well for anyone reading this post!

2 thoughts on “ring…ring…

  1. Oooh! I can totally see you as a kickarse (haha arse) soccer mom. I was actually wondering if I could be your Soccer Mom sidekick? I would absolutely love to come to the games and such with you and cheer Connor on as obnoxiously as humanly possible 😛


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