family: PapPap and Nana


 Today PapPap and Nana stopped by to spend some time with us. PapPap settled in

to read one of the coolest books that I have ever found.  Each page has a scanimation

picture that completely intrigues Corrigan.

He and PapPap sat for a good while “reading” together…


 Corrigan likes to turn the pages…uh….often.


 Distracted by something…


 Hey Pap, look at this…


 I have a thing about photographing Corrigan’s hands. I don’t know why.


 C’mon, this melts your heart, right?


 Chubby, wubby fingers that I want to nibble all of the time…


 awwwwwww…(melts) I mean, once upon a time…a long…*ahem*…LONG time ago those hands held

me while reading books. Long ago I rested my fat little hand on his big hand…and now…now Corrigan.


 and then this…(falls over dead from sweetness)


 I can’t blame PapPap. Head kisses and neck sniffing are pretty hard to resist…


 Can’t you just smell the baby shampoo?


 My sweet little Corrigan. He wasn’t giving away smiles for free today. They were hard to come by.


 …even when he was getting loved on by Nana.


 Seriously, not even a little smile? (all the while I am making ridiculous sounds to

try and get him to grin..heck, I even took a little tumble and not even a tiny smirk!)


 Nana thought some “airplane” would do the trick.


 Almost a smile here. I think I might have missed it, directly after this shot,

he cracked a tiny one…


 Still working on walking…


 What a little stinker…


2 thoughts on “family: PapPap and Nana

  1. Mindy these pictures are so cool the way you show him slowly leading up to holding on to your Dad’s finger. Too, Sweet, he almost smiled while getting a little high rise action there with your step mother :). He is a lot like Conner in these pictures very serious. He has such beautiful eyes and such a strong presence.
    Connor is still my hero presently and will stay that way for awhile! :). Corrigan is a love muffin. I don’t have to tell you that you have a lot to be so very proud of !!!!!!


  2. Love love love the one where C is reaching through the book to hold on to Pap Pap. That is such an amazing moment to capture! Im feeling all squishy and mooshy and stuff now. Perfection!


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