big boy britches

Little C has some…ahem…”issues” going on in his britches and after a trip to the pediatrician we got our

orders to let his…uh…”issues” get some air.  At the very least…he needs to spend as much time as possible

out of his diapers until things clear up.


Luckily, Grandma had recently brought over a bunch of Connor’s old clothing and I almost threw away

Big C’s old britches.  They brought back memories, of course, but passing on undies? Um, ewwwww?


…but c’mon…if you know that they are going to get peed in every 10 minutes you  might as well let them

pee in old undies, right? I have no idea who ACTION MAN is (logo on underwear) but when I saw this tiny

tushie crawling away from me I was hysterical with laughter.  I thought I had a few more years before I would

see that sight again.


Corrigan seemed very…er…liberated by the lack of  diaper. He was an Olympic gymnast all over the livingroom

and was acting almost giddy.  He even took several good steps, unaided, and seemed like it was more natural

to him without the Pampers.


(he is totally peeing in the above photo)

Of course, the diaper-less activity is a germ-freak’s NIGHTMARE but I think that it has helped. With the medicine

and the new air circulation I think he might be back to normal by the end of the weekend. But man, I will miss seeing

those  “antique”  undies around my house. (and that awesome smile when he is piddling on my floor)

One thought on “big boy britches

  1. That last pic… he looks SO much more grown up! Wow. It’s definitely a shot where I can picture the big boy inside the squooshy babyness. Love these!


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