clean sheets

Corrigan and I have the rare opportunity of spending the entire day together…just the two of us.  So far we have rocked out with some smooshy bananas for breakfast, a sweet two-hour nap and a couple of viewings of his SteveSongs DVD.  He is quite the helper with laundry.  Corrigan loves to rip and tear, with everything he does there is nary a gentle bone in his body, so tearing up the bed to wash the sheets and pillowcases made him one happy little baby toddler.



I don’t know, is he happy enough?




Oh, and a bath. We had one of those..complete with non-lasting mohawk at the end.  It only stayed up this high for a few seconds.




a couple that looked nicer in black and white. I am still learning to use my Speedlight and I got some pretty ugly pinlights instead of nice and round catchlights but my bedroom is pretty cave-dark so all things considered I was happy these were not more “flashy”




awww these little teeth…they kill me. He is working on his other bottom left incisor(?) and also his first molars are really giving him trouble.



Off to play puzzles.  More photos later, I am sure.  xoxox  mindy

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