kickin’ it

Today Connor attended soccer clinic at Greenway Avenue stadium.  The clinic was given by the Allegany High School Boy’s soccer team.

I am not sure if he learned anything new but, as Mark pointed out, he had four hours kicking the ball. That has to help.

soccer camp2final blog

I am going to regret the loss of my old telephoto lens now that Connor is playing sports, aren’t I?  *grumbles*  Oh well, you can kind of tell which one is Connor.

soccer camp 1final blog

(that’s my boy, right in the middle of it all)

soccer camp3final blog

His first game is this Wednesday.  I am sooooooo excited.  I have to try and tame my excitement though. Too many times, in years past, Connor and I have gone to Allegany football games and I have mortified him with my “enthusiastic” vocal support of the team.  I am pretty sure if he could have hidden under the seats he would have.  I am keenly aware of what my actions do to Connor at this age.  Squealing madly during practice, kissing him when I pick him up from a friend’s house or daring to wave at him as I drop him off among his pals…I do not want to ignore how sometimes I am “too much” and how that makes him feel. Trust me though, inside I will be screaming, “GO CONNOR!” at the top of my lungs.

soccer camp5final blog

Have a great season Connor. We are proud of you and wish you an awesome first game!

One thought on “kickin’ it

  1. You go Connor!!! Go kick some soccer heiney! And Mom… I still knowingly mortify my kids. They love it when I go outside to meet the bus in the AM in a nightgown. If only I could find those awesome pink rollers the old ladies have….. does that make me bad? *batting eyes*


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