4-3 they won!

Connor had his first official soccer game last night. I was soooo excited (as I might have mentioned in previous posts and to anyone that would listen) but I managed to keep my hooting and hollering to myself.  Mammaw however? She chased him up and down the side of the field and encouraged him loudly throughout the game.  It was hysterical awesome.



I was exhausted watching them after 10 minutes. It was hot.  and the humidity? wow. They definitely had more energy the first half of the game than the second but they really gave it a good go and pulled out a late-game goal at the end to win!



Hopefully it is pretty obvious which is Connor in these photos.  I need more practice at sports photography. For. sure.



Connor was all over the ball. I thought it was impressive how willing he was to just fly into the kicking legs.  Thank goodness for shin-guards!



He looks great in uniform and to see him sweaty and exhausted it such a great thing. My video gamer is now active and happier.








sweaty and ready to go home.


soccergame collage 3

It was a beautiful evening and a nice way to spend a few hours. Corrigan was thrilled to be outdoors and Connor got some good exercise.  As hot as it was I realize that towards the end of the season we will likely be bundled up, or at the very least in sweatshirts and that this warmth is fleeting.  Another game on Saturday (and practice again tonight) gives us something fun to look forward to each week.  Next game I am totally going to yell a lot.  *sticks out tongue*

Your comments are appreciated!

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