a silly little spectator

Corrigan enjoyed Connor’s first soccer game.  He toddled around barefoot, tried to go out on the field to play with the big boys and climbed all over anyone that would hold him.


Connor picked out Corrigan’s shirt a few weeks ago. I didn’t want to start dressing Corrigan in soccer clothing because I didn’t want Connor to think that I was taking his “thing” from him. Connor has already given up so much over the last 14 months so I wanted soccer to be all his. However, Connor insisted that Corrigan needed a soccer shirt and the best part? It was only .99!



Corrigan is pretty much walking now. He certainly is getting to the point that he walks the majority of the time. That isn’t to say that he is really good at walking ( lots of falls, oy vey) but he is working hard at it!


soccergame collage2

Corrigan is also learning to touch food more willingly. Petra was feeding him puffed rice cereal when Corrigan suddenly reached in and wanted to get it himself. He did not put any in his mouth (baby steps) but he was willing to touch it. That’s something!


This is silly-boy trying to get my camera. Not the best photo but a great shot of all of his new teeth.  Can you see the huge lumps that are hiding some painful molars? I think that these nasty molars are what are keeping Corrigan from drinking well. He will eat well by spoon but is completely irritated with having to suck to get fluids.



speaking of silly…Tank also likes sticking his tongue out at Petra.  They are best pals. He bounces so much when he sees her and the other night he saw her photo on my computer screen and started bouncing just seeing her picture.


soccergame collage

Corrigan is an enthusiastic spectator.  It was adorable to watch him fling his arms up when the crowd cheered. He didn’t understand why they were cheering but he knows that when we all cheer for him, at home, we throw our arms in the air and yell, “Huzzah!”



Just wanted to share this sweet shot that I stole as we were packing up to leave. The late summer sun shining behind them, Petra holding him lovingly and Corrigan gently playing with her necklace, a sweet memory to have forever.

(photos of Connor during the game are coming up next entry!)

2 thoughts on “a silly little spectator

  1. We have bought virtually all of them. He is getting better just since this blog posting date…I have been doing that straw-thing where you capture some drink in the straw by holding your finger over the end? I then drip a tiny drop in his mouth and wait for him to put his lips on it tightly then I let the rest flow easier…hoping that he learns that by sucking he gets more. It’s a slow process so far but Corrigan usually is the kind of kid that just wakes up and does something…I am hoping that is soon!


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