waiting for Connors bus

Corrigan had his regularly scheduled checkup at Johns Hopkins Hospital yesterday.  Everything (so far) looks great. His ammonia lab came back an amazing 36 and you could have knocked us over with a stick. Mark guessed in the 70’s ( and I slapped him in the arm for it) and I guessed 49.  I was really hoping that we would finally be out of the 60’s and upper 50’s…so to get a 36 back was a lovely surprise.  Five weeks ago they lowered his protein intake very slightly and increased his meds a good bit so something worked! Even with a decrease in protein he managed to grow a half-inch in 5 weeks and his head grew as well.  He gained very little weight and that is to be expected now that he is mobile.

So what is Corrigan up to now?

At fifteen months he is now almost exclusively walking. Finally.  He has been crusing around the furniture for over 4  months but only really took off these last two weeks.  He loves to make you “chase” him which is pretty funny considering he hardly has the walking thing down let alone anything faster than that.  His little butt wiggling as he tries to scurry away, on foot, is hysterical to me so I pretend to “get his hiney” several times a day just to hear him squeal and then try to take off quickly.

He waves now, he points ( and sometimes with his middle finger, of won’t church be fun?) and he has learned ( and uses!) one sign-language word.   I know that it is not the correct sign for “more” (it is actually the sign for milk) but with his fine motor issues from months ago we thought we would try and find a hand movement that would be simple for him to use.  When he is eating now, if I get distracted and do not move the spoon to his mouth fast enough, he will use both hands to do the “more” sign.   Sometimes he will toddle over to his high chair, rock the chair back and forth to get our attention and then as I approach he will sign “more”.  How awesome is that?

Corrigan loves Veggie Tales, SteveSongs and anything Elmo.  Right now, he would be happy to watch Elmo 4 gazillion times a day. I found an Elmo VHS tape at a yardsale for a few cents and it was the best money I have spent in ages.  Connor loved Elmo too…I wish I had kept all of his Elmo toys. *sigh*

Corrigan loves the dog more than Jericho loves Corrigan.  He loves to run his hands through Jericho’s fur and (ick!) open his mouth and let Jericho give him tongue kisses. It is disgusting. Corrigan laughs loudly though and doesnt seem to mind a bit. 

All in all I have to say that things are going really well in regards to Corrigan.  His physical therapist came out this past week and declared that he no longer needs her services.  He is coming along well with his food therapy issues and doesnt realize it yet but he is going to be eating fresh muffins, pancakes and mashed potatoes instead of baby food very soon. Life is about to get more colorful, Little Man. You can do it!

Your comments are appreciated!

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