Corrigan and the PopTart

Corrigan, as you know, has had some feeding issues these last few months. His therapist comes several times a month to try to teach him to handle food with his own fingers/hands. Time and again he refuses to touch even the safest of baby foods. Things like puffed rice cereals or pieces of pasta. Over time his therapist said that she thought that the reason he was not feeding himself yet was because he needed to strengthen his arms/shoulders. We attached heavy-duty velcro to the dishwasher, just above his line of sight and placed fun toys on the strip…the idea being that he would have to raise his arms up higher than normal which would encourage more flexibility in his shoulders and that because he would have to pull pretty hard to remove the toys from the strip he would be strengthening those muscles that he needs to…um….lift puffed rice to his mouth?

Last week Connor went back to school and it was a real struggle to get myself up out of bed at 6am when we were all used to sleeping in until at least 9am. This was especially hard because Corrigan still does not sleep through the night and the night before that first day of school he was up SEVEN TIMES in one night. He does this frequently, sleeping through the night only a few times a month, and while he tends to go back to sleep once settled back down…the constant up and down just wipes me out. Sometime around his last cry, near 6am (go figure) he will then sleep for three or four solid hours. This has worked fine for the summer break, I would just deal with the torture of every 45 minute wakings…knowing that I was going to get a few good hours later in the morning.

However, on the first day of school Corrigan was wide-awake come 6am and my dreams of getting Connor on the bus and then rushing back into my snuggly bed were dashed. Corrigan wanted to play. Mommy wanted to sleep. We compromised. He could play in the livingroom and I would rest on the couch. We had an agreement. We shook hands and he signed something.

…and then it was silent. WAY. TOO. QUIET. I popped up from the couch, swung around to where I had just heard him rattling in his toy crate a few moments before and found him eating Connor’s PopTart from breakfast that morning. Not just licking at it. EATING. IT.

Check it out…does this seem like a kid that needs food therapy to you?

( *the video is a few minutes long but it is worth it for the cheesy, rotten-monkey grin he gives me at the end…also, please note the dexterity it took for him to fish his food prize from it’s location in the toy crate…this kid WANTED his food back)

(** also, please ignore the strange woman’s voice on the video…it was a combination of my baby-talk voice and a very sore mouth from one of those fun “burn the roof of your mouth on some surface-of-the-sun hot pizza cheese” the night before)

(***if you are viewing this in an RSS feed reader you wont see the link to the video. You will have to click through. Thanks!)

5 thoughts on “mmm.mmm.good

  1. Aww! So cute! I TOTALLY understand the eating issues! Man, feeding time = stressing time. :S Must have warmed your heart to see him chowing down! Definitely warmed mine!



  2. yeah, he kind of loves Poptarts now. They keep telling me HIGH FAT/ HIGH CALORIES! so I think they count.

    have to chain the dog up though…kind of hard to subtract what he drops if the dog is eating it from the floor!

    (or as my Pastor said…”just weigh the dog BEFORE Corrigan eats and then afterwards!” ha. )


  3. What a wonderful video! I absolutley, positively LOVE it!! And it made me miss you guys soooo much! Should I have Pop Tarts at Caroline’s birthday party??? What is his favorite flavor? I am sure that you were thrilled to find Corrigan snatching a Pop Tart when you were probably expecting him to have gotten into some trouble…GO CORRIGAN!! Yay for Pop Tarts and calories!!!!!!

    xxoo to all!


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