oh, proud I am

This weekend Mark and Connor decided to hit the road, with cameras in hand, and headed to Pennsylvania to see if any of the leaves were changing (not yet).  I let Mark borrow my baby camera and he brought back some nice shots for me to edit.  I was THRILLED to see this photo of Connor on the card.

taken by Mark 1BLLOGO

I just do not have enough photos of that kid!

I love the capture of small-town life in the next photo. What I do NOT like is the amount of cloning I had to do to get rid of the filth specks on this photo. Blue skies are great for spotting the dirt/dust. Seriously, the camera sensor needed cleaned oh….about three years ago…and there is no denying how badly it needs done. Now. Yuck.

taken by mark 4BLLOGO

These monstrous beauties are popping up all along the mountain ridges in this area.  I find them hauntingly wonderful but many many people are angrily opposed to the change it brings to the landscape. And the bird kills. People get all riled up about the birds. I say, if you are slow enough to get hit with the blade…then dude, splat! They don’t move THAT quickly. Sheesh.

taken by Mark 2BLLOGO

This last photo just kills me.  I love to photograph locks and chains. I am also a big sucker for photographing metal fences.  I am glad to see that I am not the only one that finds close-ups of locks interesting. I had a really good time editing this photo. In fact, I love it so much I am going to edit it again…and again…because it was a perfectly exposed shot, so clear and crisp and it just screams for more grunge. 

taken by mark 3BLLOGO

Great work Mark.  You have a great eye and did a really nice job. You are hired. hehehe

2 thoughts on “oh, proud I am

  1. Bravo! Fabulous shots! My hubby swipes my camera and comes home with BIRDS. Sparky Mc Bird Nerd seeks out the elusive winged ones and comes home with a camera full of…. “if you look to the left of that branch you can see the (some gobblety gook of useless information) and to the right is the (female version of the same blah blah blah….) hahaha Good thing he’s so cute. I might have to get sneaky and set up my shutter sound with the roar of a mountain lion. Wouldn’t the birdies love that??


    • ahahaha Steph. You had me cracking up on that one. Mark and I were laughing over our Florida honeymoon photos. Cheapo camera…really boring shots…and I was like, “Mark, what were you taking a photo of in THIS photo?” and he says, ” There’s an ALLIGATOR out there…see that BLACK DOT??” hahahahaha. Um. Glad I have 13 shots of THAT in my honeymoon album.


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