little elf

It was quite the shock to walk outside this morning. Old Man winter must be feeling a bit motivated this year because I am pretty sure I saw a snowflake. Maybe it was bird dandruff, I don’t know but it was cold out there.

little elfBL

I remember when Connor was little I loved buying fleece for him to wear.  He had so many fleece sweatshirts and matching pants…there is just something so snuggly about a toddler in head-to-toe fleece.  I bought Corrigan his first piece of the year a few weeks ago and put it in the bottom box of stuff because I figured it would be awhile before he would get the chance to wear it. 


Corrigan hates clothing..especially if it has long-sleeves so I thought that putting this on him was going to be a big fight but he must have been as chilled as I was because he did not protest at all.  Now the hat? Not so much cooperation. Keeping that thing on his head is going to take some serious Jedi mind-powers because he really really does not want a hat on his head. Oh,  toddler power-struggles, how I missed thee.

Pretty much all I did today was give Corrigan big happy hugs because that is what you do when confronted with a snuggly little elf. You capture them quickly, squeeze them tightly and then ask them where the Keebler cookie tree is because Mama needs a fudge stripe cookie ASAP.

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