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 Two days ago we made the trek down to John’s Hopkins hospital for yet another regularly scheduled checkup with Corrigan’s doctor and dietician.   We were confident that his ammonia was fine…we no longer have anxiety that he will look fine but have sky-high secret ammonias.  My biggest concern was that his branch chains had evened out (they did not) and that he would not scream the entire trip down or back ( he did not!)

When his doctor walked into the room, while vigorously rubbing sanitizer into her hands, she exclaimed(to Corrigan), “Why are you so pale?” and then “Why is your right eye drooping?” to which my heart then exploded out of my chest. I am pretty on-edge like that.  Even the slightest negative or worrisome comment makes it hard to breathe.

I don’t know. Maybe he was tired…maybe I cannot see it…or maybe I am as oblivious as I have always been but I don’t see a drooping eye.   Wait, or maybe I do? One is bigger, right? How on EARTH is his doctor able to spot something like that in .34637647639843 seconds?  She is amazing.  Do you see it?

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Of course now…it is all I can see. And all of that with no explanation as to what it might mean.

I think that he was tired.  Just like he is above. His glucose came back low.  46.  He had been fasting for nearly 4 hours. He was incredibly pale and was not himself. His eye was drooping. Oy vey.

A little juice and a nap that began in the hospital parking garage and ended the moment we pulled into the driveway (yeehaw!) and he was pinked back up a bit and back to himself.

His ammonia was 40. sweet.

His branch chains are a bit high. They made a few slight changes in protein (lowered) rather than letting him grow into it.  He did not get his flu shot.  We really need to get his flu shot ASAP.

Connor scored his third goal in last night’s soccer game. It was the last regularly scheduled game of the season.  It was a cool goal for him to make. I was holding a brand new 20 oz. bottle of Mt. Dew when he scored. I am sorry to say that I was unable to drink it after jumping up and down like a madwoman and shaking that pure green nectar until the very idea of opening was a very bad idea.  Oh well. Totally worth it.

Connor rocks.

We are really proud of him.  This was his FIRST year of soccer. He went into the season new and untrained and became an asset to his team. His coach was wonderful, his teammates were spirited and such good sports.  The parents were friendly and well-behaved ( no punches thrown from Braddock I parents…no booing…no heckling the refs… no way, no how!) Everyone was genuinely happy to be watching their kids playing the game.  It was a pleasant surprise, this new adventure into soccer-momdom. I am sad to see it end so soon.

Here is a brief video of Corrigan with his therapist. She is the sweetest thing ever. I want to put her in my pocket. I am sure that her family would miss her but seriously…I need her to come live in my house and sprinkle her optimism and healthy habits all around.

We are so blessed. Every step of the way. God puts nothing but good things in our way time after time. Good times, good people, good God!


3 thoughts on “crazy hair

  1. LOOOOVVVEEE the video!!! So cute! You know I’m just like you about the comments the doctor’s make. I think they forget sometimes the human aspect of their job. I have had two instances where I have been brought to tears by two different hospital people. One a consultation with the liver transplant doctor, who was being insensitive, and another time with a nurse. Ususally I find that it is around the end of their shifts when they have been running from one patient to the next that they forget to check themselves.

    Gotta go work, but will write soon! 🙂


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