c is for cookie

Corrigan has a bit of a snuggly crush on his Cookie Monster. He loves to bite kiss him and show him how much he loves him by carrying him around by the scarf.   Poor Cookie Monster…slowly being strangled by a toddler.




Did you know…

Most famous as a Sesame Street character, Cookie Monster was actually created three years before appearing on the show. He was used as a character in advertisements for some General Foods snacks in 1966, stealing snacks called Wheels (he was called the Wheel-Stealer). The adverts never aired. He appeared in a training video for IBM in 1967 in a sketch which also featured in an episode of The Ed Sullivan Show in October of that year. The character returned to advertising snack foods, now known as Arnold the Munching Monster and filming commercials for Munchos in 1969, before finally making the move to Sesame Street and becoming known as Cookie Monster.




How about this…

Research carried out in 1996 found that by the age of three 95% of American children had watched Sesame Street.




 or this…

Sesame Street is the longest running children’s television show on American television, having transmitted over 4,000 episodes since beginning in 1969. It has also been shown in more countries around the world than any other children’s television programme, having been shown in 180 countries around the planet either as its original American version or as a version adapted for the country it is being shown in.




A test screening of Sesame Street kept the muppet characters separate to the human characters after psychologists warned against mixing fantasy and reality. Test screenings revealed that the audience was drawn to the muppet sketches but not to the ones featuring humans so it was decided to allow muppets and humans to interact in the show.




To date, Sesame Street has won 97 Emmy Awards – more Emmys than any other television show in history.




Contrary to popular belief, Big Bird is not a canary.  He’s a Golden Condor




It is rumored that there has never been a blooper, of any kind, on Sesame Street.




“Hey Ernie, you’ve got a banana in your ear!”
“What’s that, Bert? I can’t hear you; I’ve got a banana in my ear!” – Bert and Ernie.




Sunny days….chasing the clouds away….

Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “c is for cookie

  1. You are a walking compendium of facts! I LOVE Corrigan’s new love, and the way he seems to need him wherever he is. Everyone loves the cookie monster! Nom nom nom! (Does he need some cookie monster slippers??????)


    • He has cookie moster slippers but they are from LAST winter (boo!) Connor had several cookie monster stuffies…I am going to have to raid the vac-bags in the basement for them all.

      By the way, Murrisa, compendium? Sheesh, slacker. I was thinking conspectus….or….abridgment…ahahahaha. You keep me on my toes!


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