sunday sundays

Just another quiet Sunday around these parts.

This morning I was startled when I woke and read the clock. 10:32 am. The last that I had heard a peep out of Tank was 6am. On the dot.  I jumped up quickly assuming that if he were still sleeping he must be citru-sick…only to find that he was not in his room at all.  I found him cuddled on Connor’s lap, watching PBS shows on YouTube and perfectly fine without me.

Thanks, Connor. I really appreciate the extra sleep.  I owe you one! Uh, and sorry about the ear poking thing. I do not know why he is so fascinated with your ears

sunday sundays4


Maybe he thinks he is helping you to hear better! Yeah, you are far more tolerant than I.


sunday sundays3

We decided to start our day with icecream for brunch.  Mmmmmmm…

sunday sundays1

Corrigan prefers the chocolate over the other flavors (that’s my boy!) but was pretty bossy about all of it. There was a lot of spoon-grabbing and gaping-mouth “shove it in here right NOW mom” faces.  

At one point he got so impatient that he threw his body towards the dish, arms outstretched and splatted right in it with his entire hand. Don’t worry, he didn’t miss any.

sunday sundays2


Finally, more video.  There are about 14 gajillion things I want to capture on video but as soon as Corrigan sees the camera he stops doing whatever it is I find adorable.  Right now, we are working on teaching Corrigan infant sign language.  His doctor feels that if Corrigan doesn’t start talking  in the next few months that he is going to become super frustrated and it is going to cause some behavioral issues. She recommended infant sign language.

So, I did what I always do when offered valuable suggestions. I ran out and purchased, borrowed or researched anything I could find on sign language for babies.  The Baby Einstein video we bought is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.  The grown-ups ( Connor included in that, by the way..he is a man, you know) are having a blast teaching him the signs (with spoken words) and while he has not done any signs on his own…the video itself is so repetitious that he is picking up words just the same.  The first segment is on family. It begins with the sign for “kiss” and Corrigan now loudly says, ” KEE! KEE!” anytime that part comes on.  Hey, we will take it!

Aside from all of that I discovered the cutest thing ever on YouTube.  There is a young man, Stephen Torrence,  that does current pop songs in American Sign Language and Corrigan loves loves loves to watch this clip over and over.  I couldn’t snag it this time on camera, but many times when this video is playing I will catch his little fingers moving as if he is trying to emulate the sign language that is happening in the clip.  Awesome stuff. At least for us. (song: Miley Cyrus…Party in the USA…volume is a bit loud. sorry)

Even if you do not care about ASL…you can’t deny that the first 5 seconds of this clip is pretty darn cute. (The video is only cute, fully, for about 40 seconds…as usual, once he realized I was filming he stopped. I was hoping he would continue and kept filming but nothing. nada. zilch. Feel free to hit “stop” after a half-minute or so!)

I am pretty sure that the fist thing that Corrigan is doing is his attempt to copy the part that makes him the most excited, “I’m moving my head like, yeah…I’m moving my hips like, yeah…and when Stephen signs “yeah” he does a raised fist and moves it up and down for “yes” Or not. What-ev-er.

3 thoughts on “sunday sundays

  1. I would like to recommend trying out the Signing Time videos – – they are amazing. We watch a Baby Einsten one recently and were quite bored by it … unless we have a totally different one then you are watching. Signing Time is great, full of music that includes the signs and just overall catchy. They are very expensive to purchase but we have been able to get them from our library. I believe you can also download them online … or watch them or something of that assort from what somewhat told me … sorry I’m not much into that stuff so I’m not sure. All I know is our family loves them and our son Matthew very quickly picked up the signs. They have several series and there is a Baby Signing Time version. Personally we found the regular Series better and Matthew learned just as well off them. If you were looking to actually purchase them then I would recommend skipping the Baby Signing Time … you learn all the same things on the regular Signing Time. Hopefully your library has them so you can check them out. It is so cute to watch them sign and it’s so amazing when they start to sign things that they can’t say and you begin to realize how much is going on in their little heads!

    Glad you were able to get some much needed rest!!!


    • Thank you Steph! Do you mean the signing time show that used to be on PBS? The woman’s daughter is deaf? We have been watching those clips on Youtube but it is frustrating because they are so brief. The songs are super catchy!

      The Baby Einstein sign DVD is boring, yes, but to Corrigan it is just right. Sometimes I think the busier it is the less he is interested and will tune out.

      I am hoping to not spend too much money on anything else because I really feel like “talking” is just a wee bit away. I know that the expectations of the professionals is that he wont be talking anytime soon…but I can FEEL it…if that makes sense. If not, the signing will help though. Just the basics even.

      I will check the library when I return the book I just finished!


  2. Sorry we don’t watch much TV so I’m not sure if it’s the same one … but it sounds like it. Yes, her daughter is deaf and she’s a musician so she writes and sings most of the songs. The songs are very catchy and we can all be caught humming them at times around the house. While the songs are catchy and fun when they demonstarte the signs it’s slower and nicely done so it might have a nice balance for Corrigan … and you might see him dancing and jiggling to the songs 🙂


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