a conversation with his future wife (or sister-in-law).

Seriously mom? Again with the camera? Can’t you see that I am busy?

oct 22 005


I have a theory about my belly button.  Here, Monika. Look at my belly button.

oct 22 006


Whoa, wait. Check this out! I have an Elmo on my diaper. How cool. Monika, look!

oct 22 007


Man, all of this flirting show-and-tell has me really thirsty.  I wish I knew how to open this bottle of Mt. Dew.

oct 22 010


It is probably best that I don’t drink it.  It makes me all wired and my eyes do this…

oct 22 009


Ha. I made her laugh. Here mom, hold my drink.

oct 22 011


…’cause I am just going to hang out here and stare at my girl.

oct 22 003

2 thoughts on “a conversation with his future wife (or sister-in-law).

  1. Aww! This just melted my little heart! 😀 I’m so glad I came over today, I had a BLAST! Corrigan is totally a little ladies man, he’s got me wrapped around his cute little finger, hahaha

    Thanks for having me today. Oh! And thanks for the turkey samblich 🙂


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