Don’t tell anyone but yesterday…I. left. the. house. (waits until you all pick yourselves up from the floor) I know, right? It is a wonder that I didn’t explode into a cloud of dust when the sun hit my body.

This guy took me to lunch for my 29th31st…thirty(mumble)th birthday.

birthday walk5


If you have to leave the house to do things like…oh, I don’t know…walk around your lovely town, eat some fabulous mexican food and sit in the warm grass next to someone’s empty bottle of booze and crusty old towel ( ewww, I know…people are gross) then it might as well be with that Hotty McHot Pants.

So yeah, we took the camera. We ate soft chimichangas. We cracked up laughing every two minutes because the artist that was singing on the restaurant’s sound system sounded exactly like Jack Black trying to sing  in Nacho Libre.

It was so pretty outside. The autumn colors around the county are pretty much at “peak” and the wind was even warm as we stood looking out over the city…

birthday walk4

(Dad, do you remember what you told me when I was teenager so many years ago? It only took me thirty(mumble) years to disobey you! )

The last year of my life was really a whirlwind of emotion. I was teetering back and forth between rock-solid faith and utter despair (sometimes both in one day..sheesh) for much of the year and I am absolutely ready for a change.  Of course, I come to this realization as winter is about to set in and we become homebound due to both weather and illness prevention. But why dwell in that…when the sun is bright, the air is gentle and the colors are popping.

birthday walk7

(yes, I was feeling frisky with some textures on these photos. Change is coming to even my photography this next year..woo hoo!)


Decided to snap a photo of myself and I look at this photo and see so much. Faults, really…but also, this girl in the photo will fight. Hard. That might not help with the body issues, the low self-esteem and doubt about my skills and talents…but I know this girl can handle anything. She just needs to believe it.

birthday walk3bl


…and finally, a shot Mark took. I think that his composition is pretty darn cool, don’t you think?  It’s hard to look bad when the man viewing you through the lens thinks that you are amazing. And Photoshop. That helps too. ha.

birthday walk6

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